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Privacy policy


INFLIGHT ART checks and updates the information on its website constantly. But because data may change we assume no responsibility nor do we guarantee topicality, accuracy, or completeness of the material made available. The same is true of all websites accessible by hyperlinks. INFLIGHT ART assumes no liability whatsoever for the content of websites accessed through such links. INFLIGHT ART reserves the right to change or supplement the information it provides. The content and structure of INFLIGHT ART website are protected by copyright. Reproduction of elements, particularly text, portions thereof or images, requires INFLIGHT ART advance agreement.

Links to other

Certain hyperlinks allow visitors to leave the INFLIGHT ART website and go to other sites. As INFLIGHT ART has not examined these websites it cannot recommend their content nor the products, services or other items offered therein, and cannot be held responsible for them in any way whatsoever.

INFLIGHT ART liability disclaimer

By accessing this website you agree that the information it contains is for information purposes only and not binding in any way. INFLIGHT ART may not be held liable for the website’s accuracy or completeness nor the information or views contained therein. The website is provided ‚as is‘ and ‚as available‘ without any guarantees whatsoever. INFLIGHT ART issues no guarantee that the website will be available or accessible at all times. Any guarantees, conditions or contractual terms concerning the website’s quality or suitability for a particular purpose shall be in writing here or in a separate agreement between you and INFLIGHT ART . The information and opinions contained on the website shall not constitute investment, legal, fiscal or any other kind of advice, nor do they in and of themselves form the basis for investment or other decisions. You are counseled to seek professional advice before making investment decisions.


The full content of the website is subject to copyright. All rights are reserved. You may download or print out on paper individual pages or sections, provided you do not remove copyright notices or other comments concerning intellectual property. Downloading or copying the website does not imply that the ownership of software or any other material is transferred to you. Complete or partial reproduction of the website, either electronically or in any other form, altering it, creating links to it or its use for public or commercial purposes shall be subject to prior written agreement from INFLIGHT ART.

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