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We specialize in delivering unparalleled and customized services.

Dedicated to elevating every aspect of your lifestyle.

From customized Corporate Training to exclusive Private Jet Service combined with meticulous Lifestyle Management , my commitment is to enhance your life with sophistication and precision.

Experience the exceptional benefits of our services, where excellence meets expertise in hospitality and business aviation.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to corporate aviation, our training platform offers valuable opportunities to enhance your career and improve flight crew professionalism.


Inflight Art provides a range of consulting services for Corporate Flight Attendants and Business Jet Operators.


For your business or leisure travel, rely on us for a seamless journey, prioritizing safety and punctuality. Our global access to private jets ensures competitive rates. 


A team of Private Aviation Advisors has developed an expertise for special private jet charter missions such as cargo charters, last-minute charters, helicopter charters and medical flights.

Whether in-person or virtually, our exclusive white-glove service is designed to alleviate your time constraints and reduce stress, with services provided across Europe, Switzerland, the Middle East, South Africa, and the eastern United States.

Entrust us with your corporate or personal lifestyle requirements, ranging from coordinating travel arrangements to managing day-to-day errands and beyond.




Luxury Lifestyle Creator,

Francesca E. Braatz

In her airborne pursuits across 155 countries, Francesca has distinguished herself since 2018 by orchestrating a sophisticated inflight culinary service for guests. From navigating the nimble Falcon 50EX with a very small galley to commanding the luxurious G650ER and Global Express jets at 51,000 feet, Francesca consistently crafts an elite experience in the skies. Each expedition fosters lasting connections with luxury and boutique hotels, opulent villas, skilled chauffeurs, and renowned Michelin-star chefs across the globe. Francesca has spent over 12 years building unique relationships across the globe. 


Francesca spent years serving as a dedicated 'butleresse' both on the ground and in the skies, catering to renowned individuals worldwide, with a special focus on discerning clientele from the Middle East, Europe and the US while living in Switzerland, Qatar and the Bahamas.


"We are Ladies & Gentlemen serving Ladies & Gentlemen."
- H. Schulze -


In 2023, the vision of INFLIGHT ART took flight, dedicated to curating a genuine 5-star luxury experience for travelers both on land and in the skies. Francesca remains steadfast in her commitment to exceeding client expectations while strategically planning for the future growth of INFLIGHT ART.


Central to the ethos of INFLIGHT ART is an unwavering dedication to the finer details. Each aspect of the travel journey is meticulously personalized to cater to the individual needs and desires of every client. Let INFLIGHT ART be your trusted partner in travel, consolidating all arrangements into one seamless exceptional experience.


Redefine excellence in aviation and hospitality with us.

Your success is not just a destination; it's a delightful journey we embark on together.

„Elegance is not about being noticed.

It’s about being remembered.“

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